Referral Letters
September 18, 2016

Dear Jay,
Just wanted to write and express my and my client's appreciation for the expert lighting, planning and advice that you contributed to this very complicated and special project. You have organized and worked as a professional team player with the planning and many meeting with advice.

Thank you, for your above and beyond efforts and patients putting each room's lighting effect with visual samples and options.

Thank you, for the many site visits and revisions to the drawings.

Thank you, for pricing options and manufacturers contact detail drawings.

Thank you, for working as a team player with Lighting Automation crew and Electrical Contractor.

Thank you for helping make a complicated lighting system easy to understand and easy to install.

I have been building high end estate homes for many years and I have not found a lighting designer as professional and artistic as you are. I will recommend you to my Architects and new clients in the future.

Thanks again,
Jonathon Casada, President
Jonathon Custom Estate Homes


November 3, 2012
To Whom It May Concern,

I would highly recommend Jay Leggett, Lighting Design Solutions, for all lighting and design needs, on any residential or commercial project. I am currently working with Jay on a custom 16,000 square foot residence and frankly, could have never completed it without his involvement and expertise. The home was designed by a design architect and we were left with very limited specifications. With Jay's help, we designed a lighting system and placement to include almost 1,700 lf of cove LED lighting, 296 recessed lights (interior and exterior), and 30+ fixtures. All conceived on site and around a very complicated beam diagram. Jay's attitude and work ethic has enabled us to achieve the desired effect, within budget, and create an atmosphere second to none.

Please feel free to contact me directly, 832-230-9055, with any questions and/or concerns.

Kevin Mei
Vice President
Black Mountain Construction


November 7, 2012
To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter as my recommendation for Jay Leggett and Lighting Design Solutions, LLC to be utilized for your project.I have had the pleasureof working with Jayon a two year long residential projectand have been greatly impressedby his professionalism and knowledge of lighting. His consultation and lighting design accompanied with the specification knowledge of a vast array of light fixtures had a major positive impact on this 12,000+sf home.

Jay is a practical designer that has the abilityto solve problemsand communicate in a very proficient manner. He successfully provided Texana Buildersand our customer with the high level look and feel that a residenceof this caliber demands. Jay is organized,efficient, extremely competent,and has an excellent rapport within the lighting and building industry.

In summary, I highly recommend Jay Leggett and Lighting Design Solutions, LLC for your lighting design and consultation services,as he will be a valuable asset for any project. If you need any additional information, please contactme at anytime.

Dustin Hubbard CEO
(713) 681-2747


November 3, 2012

I have known Jay Leggett professionally for almost 10 years and highly recommend his work. Because of his working relationship with me and my wife, we also consider him a trusted friend. Jay is fun to work with.
Jay was highly involved with the internal and external lighting design on our home in Memorial. Since that time, Jay has worked on numerous upgrades in technology, adjustments based upon art and furniture additions, as well as on additions to lighting for landscaping and sculpture in the yard.
Jay always works to find the best value in lighting design solutions. He is current on all the latest improvements in lighting technology, and there are many. He knows when to upgrade and when to wait.
I am happy to show off his work at our home. Our home is beautifully lit and we are so proud of it.

Jay Kaplan